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Authentic South African Biltong, Droewors, Boerewors & Other Groceries Sold in the UK by Mr Biltong

Mr Biltong is a mouth-watering haven for South Africans living in the UK or locals who want to get a taste of South Africa. Whilst biltong is our speciality, we also offer a huge range of other home comforts. Mr Biltong uses an authentic South African recipe handed down through the generations to produce the most delicious and authentic tasting Biltong you could want. Other South African favourites are also provided such as Boerewors, Droewoers and Steaks.

Are you missing home? Mr Biltong will help to provide you with all the comfort food you remember from South Africa, including some old childhood favourites. Chappies, Fizzers, Bakers Biscuits, Ghost Pops and Ouma Rusks to dunk in your tea on a chilly winter's day. Names like Mrs Balls, All Gold, Iwisa and Koo will no doubt make you feel closer to home and satisfy your South African taste buds.

All these great South African favourites make it almost impossible not to get out the Braai, regardless of the British weather!