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Beef Droewors

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£15.00 for 500g

£28.00 for 1kg

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Droëwors, or “dry / dried sausage”, has been a much-loved South African tradition since the Dutch settlers arrived in the early 1600’s. At Mr Biltong the recipe for our delicious Droëwors has been handed down through the generations.

Our Beef Droëwors is made from premium Silverside. Our butchers mince the meat which is then spiced, marinated and made into thin sausages. These sausages are then hung to air-dry. This recipe and process produces the perfect Droëwors. Other than 100% beef, we use natural casings, spices and malt vinegar.

Droëwors is available in 100g, 200g, 500g and 1kg packs. We also offer a range of packaging options: perforated bags, vacuum sealed for longer freshness or gas flushed vacuum packed which fills the bag with air.